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So, here's a weird bit. My kid's almost three months now, and a little fussy (he's got four teeth coming in). So guess what puts him out.

Mozart? Brahms lullaby? Paris Hilton's career? Nah-ah. This one's metal. I don't know if I listened to too much while he was in the womb, or what, but when I can't get Justin to calm down any other way, I pop in some Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphies and he's out like a light. Til the end of the album anyways.

He does okay with classic metal, Cooper, Ozzie, and some alternative, but he likes the Celtic metal bands the best. Kick ass or what? He's also okay with most anything I'll play live for him. (except hey there Delilah. I refuse to play it anymore!!!!)

Meanwhile, just got back from AT. Erm, read know the 2 days a month, two weeks a year for Guard and Reserves? It's the two weeks. Fun things I got to do? 50 cal ranges, MK-19 (big ass fully automatic grenade launcher), M-249 (small machine gun), confidence course, Aussie style rappeling down a 60 foot tower (you know how in regular rappeling you kind of bound down the surface whilst sitting down? In Aussie, you're face down and running down the side of whatever.) Like this. Not me in the video by the way. It looks easy right up to that point that you realize you're stepping over the edge with you're body straight, 6 stories up, 90 degrees to the ground, holding yourself up by one hand on a rope and running at the ground full speed.

Also, much drinking and rejoicing, plus accidentally crashed what was probably the best party I've been to in years. Let's just say, if you ever get a chance to party with the Arkansas National Guard band, well......I won't say, but don't pass it up. Wow. What the hell were they doing in Georgia anyways?

Yours until the sun rises no more in the East (where's my frickin AA batteries?),


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