Normally I hate football movies, but ya know....
Published on May 23, 2009 By Spc Nobody Special In Humor

And on that note....Why not open with a joke, after all, it's been awhile...

This guy goes to see his doc for his over forty physical. He does all the usual tests, bloodwork, bends over, turns his head and coughs etc, and his doctor tells him to come back in two weeks. Two weeks go by and when he comes in, his doc tells him "I've got good news, and bad news." The guy looks at him and says, Well, what's the good news?"

"The good news is, your cock's about to get two inches longer and one inch thicker."

"That's great, my girlfriend will go wild! But what the hell's the bad news?"


And in other news, I have absolutely no reason for that title, except it's a great frickin' line. Not mine of course. I miss writing, so by God, maybe if I put forth enough blogging masturbilia it will come back to me and I can write something worth reading again. Pull the plug and purge out the pus so the juices run clean again.

Since no crafty ideas come to mind, how about a personal update? Justin's coming along, two months and a week now. Big boy, and man it's creepy how much looks like me when he's that tiny. The Mustang is up and running again, (not that you ever knew it was down), I'm trying to make a small forge, knitting a sweater with an Ed Hardy design worked in (if it works right), trying to start learning French (l'addicion silver please), and other and sundry projects.

The coming along, I finally finished rebuilding the thrice bedamned front porch, deck style, and I'm probably going back to building stair railing. Maybe some gardening too. It's still not too late to get some stuff in , and maybe some tomatoes.

The Guard is super Army fantastic. w00t. I've been out of the active side for six months, and I'm only owed my five grand bonus now. Why is it that after nine years plus of active service, everywhere I go in the Army (read as Guard now) still tries to claim I've never completed my job training?

Still pushing a forklift, still not sure what the hell I'm doing with the rest of my life, and for shinola and giggles (explicitive deleted) still working on guitar. Play Justin - Hey there Delilah, the old Lenny Cohen's Hallelujah, or anything by the Dropkick Murphys, and he's out like a light. Meh. I miss having a piano. Did get an invite to lay a track with a dude. Probably amount to nothing, but even as such, still be fun to jam.

That's all for tonight, probably no one that's not on now will check this, and always remember, writing is like acting if you consider what the man said, "Acting is all about honesty." "Once you can fake that, you can do anything."

Popping smoke, deedee mao, and buenos nachos to ya'll,


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