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Published on January 3, 2009 By Spc Nobody Special In Blogging

Not many I started with left, but....if any of you are still lurking around the edges and you're wondering, I'm out of the Army now and living in Bama........sigh. Yeah, I know. Don't ask.

Been busy, got out of the Army, moved across the country into a house that was completely trashed. Neglectful tenants plus owners that had watched too many flip your house type shows equals nightmare. Been busy moving, then drywall, electric, plumbing, snaking out sewer lines, paint, taking up carpet, redoing floors, replacing stair railing, tearing out a collapsed front porch, and oh yeah, looking for work. So, no blogging (and no internet until now for that matter) for awhile.

Got a warehouse job for now. w00t. Separation pay is coming, then...don't know. Trying to get a real job in or around Red Rock Arsenal in Huntsville. meh. Maybe try to go back to school in the fall and study engineering on the Army's nickel. The only problem with that is the same old problem. How to go back to school and still pull in enough to live on.

Got a boy on the way, due 'bout the end of March. Justin Michael. I'm predicting 8 lbs 10 ounces.

Also got a cat that came with the house and a new dog. Dammit. Way way the hell too many pets now.

I'm depressed, I don't know what I'm doing. I hate this place. I felt more at home in Iraq.

I miss Texas.

I don't think I'm going to blog here much anymore. All my friends are mostly gone, and really, so am I since Iraq. Maybe I'll change my mind later. Dunno. If you want to reach me, leave a comment, and I'll figure a way to get you my email. Thanks for the invites and whatnot. I used to enjoy the hell out of this site.

on Jan 03, 2009

A lot going on!  Congrats on the impending newborn! My daughter is due in February, Jayden Michael will be his name!  I like your choice too. Michael after his grandfather!  Gosh, that house sounds like a lot of work. Good luck with everything. Glad you made it home safely. I've not been on much recently but will keep an eye out for your blogs again. 

on Jan 03, 2009

Then again, maybe not - the blogs! Gremlins ate the last paragraph of your writing that just showed up!

on Jan 03, 2009

I hope you stick around, I enjoy reading your blogs. 

on Jan 03, 2009

Hey somebody special, you'll find your place.  Just give it some time.  Maybe you can move back to Texas someday. 

Congratulations on the baby.  That's exciting news. 

My dog died in July and I'm still heartbroken.  My boys have been visiting their grandparents this past week and I hated coming home to an empty house.  I missed my Bingo even more then. 

I haven't been on JU aws much but there are still some of the old faithful around.  take care of you and try not to be a total stranger. 

Amy aka boudica aka locamama

on Jan 03, 2009

All my friends are mostly gone, and really, so am I since Iraq

I'm sorry.  This seems to be the case with a lot of guys once they get to the stopping and thinking about it place.  Use the VA, go to see someone when it gets tuff if it'll help.

Getting out of the military is a big adjustment.  I remember doing it and feeling pretty much lost the entire first year even though I was in school full time.  And I didn't have combat baggage to carry either.

Good luck finding a job and congrats on the baby! 

You've got a lot on your plate.  (((Hugs)))

on Jan 03, 2009

I hope you get to stick around...didn't get to know you very well the first time around; it would be nice to get to know ya now...of course, you seem to be a very busy man right now.  Maybe when time allows, you can write.   Congrats on your baby!

on Jan 05, 2009

Good luck in the Civvie world, and blog more if you can (here).  I still read your stuff.

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