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Published on October 9, 2008 By Spc Nobody Special In Humor

Ha!!! I know, it should be a Friday Five, but I work for the government (we're here to help...) and I get a four day. w00t.

This week it's favorite bumper stickers,

I laughed on the way home from one that read "Obey Gravity. It''s the law."

Another favorite from the nineties was Pray for Clinton, Psalm 109:8." (May his days be short and another man take his office, to save you the trouble of looking it up.)

This really isn't five. hmm. Well, feel free to put up five, or judge among the five favorite ones you see on this site, or whatever, my wife can''t sleep without the frickin' tv lately, and i can't sleep with it, so I'm writing this whilst (and at the same time even) waiting her out.

on Oct 09, 2008

These are my favorites:

on Oct 09, 2008

The all-time numero uno . . .


'Who Would Jesus Bomb?'




on Oct 09, 2008

 I can't think of any now, but I've seen some of the ones already noted here.  Funny stuff!

on Oct 09, 2008

"What would Scooby-Do?"

"Silence is Golden, but duct tape is Silver"

on Oct 09, 2008



on Oct 10, 2008

Warning the consumption of alchohol may make you think you have mystical kung fu powers resulting in you getting your ass kicked. 

I'm not tailgating.  I'm kissing ass.

Don't meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

I'm marching to a different accordion.

The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese.



on Oct 10, 2008

Don't meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

I did a crossstitch of this one, complete with said dragons.

'Who Would Jesus Bomb?'

love it! I also forgot the "Peace, through superior firepower.


on Oct 11, 2008

Get Behind Our Troops or Get in Front of Them

I owe, I owe, so off to work I go

Welcome to go home.

Poor New far from Heaven and Right next to Texas indian word meaning "Poor Hunter"

Life is desert first

What if the Hokey-Pokey IS what it's all about!

Jimmy Cracked Corn...if he didn't care, why did he write that song?


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